When Listing Your Home With Us
We Promise to Make the Process Simple and Easy

I provide, exclusive FREE "turn key" services to get your home market ready for todays market.
My professional team can personally handle every process of
selling your home, from packing, to unpacking.

Here are the standard services I provide to my clients:

I'm here to Help
-Jason Randall

Interior & Exterior Painting
Owning and operating a new construction building and remodeling company for over 2 decades, I have the manpower and knowledge to have your home professionally painted or touched up prior to pictures and listing. We can provide both interior and exterior paint touchups at zero cost

Dumpster Hauling
Donations Items
I own dump equipment and enclosed trailers that we can leave at your residence. So you can throw away unwanted items or send them to non-profits of your choice as donations. We will deliver your items to their proper destination/s and bring you your donation vouchers

Enclosed Moving Trailer With Pads & Equipment Delivered to Your Front Door
I have an enclosed trailer with moving equipment and padding for you to use anytime.
I would be happy to drop it off and deliver it anywhere you need! Just ask (:

Exterior Landscape
With Curb Appeal
We will spruce up your planters, trees, shrubs, grasses and barked areas complete with removal. Once trimmed and groomed, the property will be ready for pictures!

Driveways Patios & Walkways
From the tops of the roof eves, to the corners of the driveway, we will chemically treat and wash all surfaces including roofing, driveways, porches, walkways, fences and siding, getting your home ready to sparkle and shine

Interior & Exterior General Home Cleaning
Before staging, we will have your home professionally cleaned, inside and out. Our cleaners will detail every inch of your home, from top to bottom. Don't worry about any messes, we'll take care of them all!

Window Cleaning
Of course! prior to pictures, we will have the interior and exteriors of all windows professionally cleaned and detailed. This gives the home a bright and clear appearance

Professional Home Staging
We will provide Home Staging when listing your home. This will enhance your homes interior and exterior features to create the perfect ambiance for your home listing

Professional High Definition Photography
We partnered with the best photography group in both Washington and California. Anyone can take pictures, but nobody can compare to the best. Clarity Northwest is an award winning group of photographers based in WA This group is nationally recognized and you can see the difference is here: "FORGE EMOTIONAL CONNECTIONS" www.Claritynw.com

3D Interior Home Tour/Mapping
It's a digital world out there! - We Have you covered!
Professionally Staged & in 3D here: www.SammamishLuxuryHomes.com

This home was PURCHASED SITE UNSEEN WITH AN ONLINE BUYER FOR 1.4M Original List Price @ 1.25M

Ariel, Drone & Twilight Photography
We always want to present the best angles in photos to showcase views and backdrops of homes, if there's an available evening ambiance to be had, we will get that too

Pre Home Inspection Prior to Listing
We will have a 3rd party Inspection company come to inspect your property prior to listing. This is to fix, repair or mitigate any potential issues that could make a potential buyer walk away from a home sale once under contract
If they find any problems or concerns, we fix them before your home is on the market!

Marketing with Dominance
I own and manage over 50 Luxury web domains from Bellingham to Auburn in Washington and another 60+ from Malibu to Chula Vista in California. We create a custom landing page for your home when listed and digitally optimize your listing with boosted paid advertisements from: Google PPC, FB/Meta, IG, CB Global Luxury, Zillow, Trulia, Homes.com, Home Snap, Luxury International, Exceptional Homes, Luxury Alliance, JuWai, Luxury Portfolio International along with organic optimization of all major search engines.
Most of the optimization is subscription based and by invite only.
This means NOT all Brokers can advertise in all the publications listed above, but I do.

Moving Coordination When it's time to go, we will be there to help you every step of the way. If you need extra hands packing your place... We have exclusive pricing with local and international moving companies. We can even give you hand if you need (:

Small and Large Updates
Upgrades and Remodel Projects with

Renovation vs. Remodel: What's the Difference? | Real Simple
Being in the construction industry locally for over 2 decades, allows me to perform any updates and/or renovations as necessary at a fraction of normal cost/s. I will pass the cost savings directly to you as our client! Most costs are deferred until closing with no out of pocket expenses to you. We want you to get the most value from your home sale and put our own equity at work for you

**All above listing services are per individual occurrence - most associated work cost(s) are incorporated into listing a home with Jason Randall. Some additive / additional cost(s) may be necessary to pay (over normal scope as listed above) and can/may be paid directly with sellers net proceeds at closing. Additional cost(s) may be at contractor costs and will collected at closing from net proceeds. Minimum cost for premium listing services included/added to listing /selling commission/s cost is: $1500.00. Total costs will vary dependent of listing agent services provided per occurrence.