I am Here To Help

~ With Decades of Experience ~

I grew up living in Redmond, Bellevue, Kirkland, and Sammamish for the last 40 years, I know every community's strengths and limitations. I have put over 2 decades of working experience in the local Home Building and Real Estate Industries, building/flipping and remodeling homes, apartments and condos, with a Realtor wife at my side. These experiences have given me extensive expertise regarding all aspects of housing, construction and development. Including, material costs, labor costs, maintenance costs, future/past valuations, replacement cost, long/short term ROI and building/material life expectancy's. From earthwork to final occupancy, I have done it all.

When you have all the pieces of a puzzle together in one hand, it's easy to make a wise and informed decision. That is my true unmatched add-value, for my clients.

Please Let Me Know How I Can Help You, Your Friends or Family Anytime.

I am always available.


Jason Randall