Listing Preparation

We offer the following free turn key services before we put your home on the market.
Our team will handle the schedule of these tasks around your schedule.
We want to make your move as easy as possible!

Interior Home Cleaning
Before staging we will have your home professionally cleaned.
Cleaners will detail every inch inside of the home including kitchen appliances,
inside all cupboards and cabinets, bathrooms and closets.

Window Cleaning
Prior to pictures we will clean the interior and exterior windows
and windowsills. This gives the home a clean, bright and clear appearance.

Interior & Exterior Painting
We will have the interior and exterior paint of your home
touched up or repainted as needed.

Remodel Projects
Renovation vs. Remodel: What's the Difference? | Real Simple
As an agent I am also a licensed contractor with the ability to coordinate and
complete large or small remodel projects on both existing or purchased
home at contractor cost - NOT RETAIL, so you save on out of pocket costs! 😃

We will then have your home professionally staged according to the
style of the home. This gives the home an appealing first impression to buyers.

Exterior Home Preparation

General Cleaning
All exterior windows will be rinsed with Windex exterior type hose/spray cleaner.
We will have the roof, gutters, fences, driveways and home exterior pressure washed
so all surfaces will be clean and neat.

Exterior Landscape
My team and myself will clean up all beds, plants, barked areas and bring in and spread fresh bark as needed. We will also trim the grass and edge the yard if needed. We will remove and dispose of debris- *up to 8 hours included*.

Dumpster Hauling
Myself along with my team will be there when needed with the tools necessary to
haul away garbage materials to the dump or donation items to your choice of donation company.

Moving Coordination

Lastly, when it's time to go we will be there to help you every step of the
way; referring and coordinating moving companies around your schedule, making
the process as easy as possible for you!

All above listing services are per individual occurrence - most associated work cost(s) are incorporated into listing a home with Jason Randall. Some additive / additional cost(s) may be necessary to pay (over normal scope as listed above) and will be paid directly by sellers at closing with proceeds from the sale. Additional cost(s) may be at contractor costs and will be known in advance prior to work. Any additional cost(s), if any will be agreed to prior to start, seller direct and seller paid.